Explorer of the Seas FTP Data Archive Page

Original measurements with no QA/QC or processing
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The FTP site may also be accessed via ftp at: oceanlab.rsmas.miami.edu
At login you will automatically be placed in the upper data directory: /data/explorer

Data Directory Structure

Below the upper directory (/data) the archives are organized in directories by cruise:

Every directory begins with EX to denote it comes from the Explorer of the Seas
yy - the 2 digit year  ie 02=2002  04=2004
wk - cruise week for that year, most of the time the first week in January will be Week 01 - but not always
T - this was an option that was added to the directory name after EX0301 to denote Eastern [E] or Western [W] cruise track

Cruise sub-directories: /data/explorer/EXyywwt/... [instrument info here]
NOTE:  Occasionally the data directory names are typed in manually and you may see a different spelling or capitalization of the directory name.  The server is a UNIX based so it will care about capitalization. And, yes, some of the directory names have spaces in them.

Ceilometer - Vaisala Ceilometer - cloud ceiling height measurements
Maeri - Marine-Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer - air temperature and ocean skin temperatures
OS150 - ADCP Ocean Surveyor 150 kHz - ocean current profiles and backscatter measurements
OS38 - ADCP Ocean Surveyor 38kHz - ocean current profiles and backscatter measurements
PCO2 - partial pressure of CO2 mesurements [operated by AOML/NOAA]
Radiosonde - Vaisala Radiosonde (weather balloon) profiles
Bow Lab - Aerosol Laboratory instruments - particle counter, nephelometer measurements
LAPXMData - Vaisala Wind Profiler Data - wind vectors above the ship
MWR - Microwave Radiometer measurements
Prp - Portable Radiation Package (PRP) - solar radiation measurements
SeaKeepers - SeaKeepers International module (ocean measurements only)
TSI - Yankeee Enviornmental Systems Total Sky Imager - cloud fraction images
WaMoS - OceanWaves Wave Monitoring System - wave measurements
ADCP Configs - text configuration files for the RD Instruments ADCPs for cruises after June 2004
Spreadsheet - Instrument maintanence logs spreadsheet in Excel [has a separate worksheet for each instrument]
VIDS - Surface met, surface marine and location data [see table below for more detailed info]

VIDS sub-directories: /data/explorer/EXyywwt/VIDS/...

Atmospheric Data Directories
Oceanographic Data Directories
Pumping/Flow Data Directories
Navigation Data
BowWeatherpak TSG TSG Flow GPS1
StarboardAnemometer Fluorometer Fluorometer Flow GPS2
PortAnemometer Transmissometer Transmissometer Flow GyroCompass
Mast AT DisOrgMat DisOrgMat Flow SpeedLog
Mast RH PlanktonCounter OPC Flow
RainGauge DisO2 DisO2 Flow
EppleyBW SeaKeepers SeaKeepers Flow
EppleyPIR SBTemp BowPumpContro
EppleyPSP Lister Debubbled Flow
EppleyTUV LPD Flow
HPD Flow
HPRegDis Flow
Lab Feed Flow
Lab Inst Flow
Lab Waste Flow